Wipe Efficiently and Frugally to Save Toilet Paper

Save time and money while wiping using these simple steps! The secret is to maximize the use of the toilet paper. If you do the standard wipe, you only use about 10% of it with a single wipe. Using this method you’ll be able to use 50-80% of it.

Step 1: Position the Paper

You should have the bottom of the red dotted line (see image) at the top of your butthole to prepare for a top-to-bottom motion.

Step 2: Wipe Top to Bottom

Wipe all the way from the top all the way to the bottom, you can leave some extra space if you worry about losing your grip or getting your hands dirty.

Step 3: Reposition

This is the most important part. Loosen your grip and guide the paper an inch and a half to the left (or right if you’re left handed), and a tissue’s length upward away from the initial line in order for a fresh unwiped line to be present under your butthole on the same piece of tissue.

Repeat steps 1-3 for four to five times until all of the paper is used

This should allow you to completely wipe using only 1-2 squares and shouldn’t get you dirty in the process. Boom, you just learned how to reduce your toilet paper consumption by 80%. Congratulations.


After using up all available paper, you can still get even more use out of your square by folding it in half so that it’s 100% clean on both sides, and repeating the process.

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