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Black Twitter Memes tweets text: KelviN 12 @KingKembv Dominos be like 2 for $5.99. Your total is now $26.59. How bro


Black Twitter Memes tweets, North Korea, Simpsons, Kim, Jong Un, China  May 2020


cringe memes Cringe, Am_Not_Obama_AMA, PresidentObama, AMA, Michael Scarn, God  May 2020


cringe memes Cringe, Cuba, Facebook, Alaska, Tesla, North America text: looking for recommendations. 11 mins • a Hey guys ,can anybody recommend an electrician in the area ?? United States of America Mexiéo Cuba 0 NO RECOMMENDATION YET 5 Comments Like Comment


depression memes Depression, YouTube, Reddit, No, MouthWideOpen, Casually Explained text: sumersprkl Me: Alright, brain, we have two tasks to do. One of them is more time sensitive, but working on the other will be more fun. Which should I start on? My brain: Do fucking nothing for 72 hours Me: Understandable, have a nice day

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