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Wholesome Memes Black, Good, Celebrate RECOVERY  May 2020


wholesome-memes black text: @raediancee I let one of my students sleep yesterday during class. She NEVER sleeps in my class so I figured something was up. This morning she kept thanking me for letting her rest. Turns out her 2 year old was sick and was in the ER all night. Moral: have compassion for your students. 10:51 am • 24 Oct 2019 • Twitter Web App Likes 24.4K Retweets 138.7K


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Wholesome Memes Black, America, Americans, Whitney Plantation, The Whitney, Louisiana text: Syd* @-botttt Standing in front of the slave quarters of our ancestors, at The Whitney Plantation, with my medical school classmates. We are truly our ancestors


Wholesome Memes Black, YouTube, Youtube, Oscar, Afro  Jun 2020

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