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Political Memes Political, Vietnam, USA, America, Trump, Americans text: Alex Bobe @alexbbobe We won the war against Coronavirus the same way we won the war against Vietnam. It got too expensive so we pretended that it was over I I .•06AM 02 May 20 Twitter for iPhone


political-memes political text: Keith Lowell Jensen 1 min • The next time you feel poor, and can


Political Memes Political, Germany, German, America, Americans, American text: Why aren


Political Memes Political, Trump, Shopify, MAGA, Amazon, XL  Jun 2020


Political Memes Political, Trump, Obama, Bolton, Americans, America text: Look at the date. This was TWO YEARS AGO. Stephen Schwartz O @Atomi€Analvs: M : n When the next pandemic occurs (and ma e mistake. it will) and the federal government is unable to respond in a coordinated and effective fashion to protect the lives of US citizens and others. this decision by John Bolton and Donald Trump will be why. Top White House official in charge of pandemic response exits abruptly /.•ernet

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