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Black Twitter Memes tweets, North Korea, Simpsons, Kim, Jong Un, China  May 2020


cringe memes Cringe, Reddit, Communism, USSR, Communist, China text: Von Sceneable angepinnt • vor 1 Monat Update: I


cringe memes Cringe, Arthur, DW, China, Sue Ellen, Mao text: Mao Zedong Zedong External links • Zedonq on 3.889!"


cringe memes Cringe, Facebook, Cringetopia, China text: liens land.. in China We come in peace.. I wonder what these cunts taste like


cringe memes Cringe, China, Asian text: SO WHAT DID WE LEARN DURING QUARANTINE KIDS? Dad is not smarted than a 5th grader Mom can drink dad under the table CHIU SUCKS!! YOU DONT NEED TOILET PAPER TO WIPE YOUR ASS!

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