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Political Memes Political, Amazon, Bezos, VAT, Maybe, Jeff Bezos text: Public Citizen @Public_Citizen So cool to see the billionaires giving back in a time of crisis. Why donlt we make this a regular thing? Perhaps annual? Their Idonationl could even be based on a percentage of their income. Maybe the IRS could oversee it?


Political Memes Political, COVID, All Lives Matter, Trump, Republicans, Reddit text: Ste-fawn @sdellag How are you gonna say All Lives Matter when just two months ago you wanted to sacrifice your grandma for the economy?


Political Memes Political, Jesus, Christian, Christians, Christianity, Christ text: RainnWilson @rainnwilson The metamorphosis of Jesus Christ from a humble servant of the abject poor to a symbol that stands for gun rights, prosperity theology, anti- science, limited government (that neglects the destitute) and fierce nationalism is truly the strangest transformation in human history.


Political Memes Political, Trump, Congress, Senate, Rex, American  May 2020


Political Memes Political, AOC, Tucker, Trump, Carlson, OC text: Acyn Torabi @Acyn Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC I

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