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feminine memes Women, Rogan, Daniel Tiger, Mom, Joe Rogan, Fox News text: Emma Arnold @iamaroadtrip When people find out I have all sons, they often say, "at least the teen yrs will be easier, boys are less emotional than girls", so I guess my 14 yo having 45 min meltdown about putting his own plate in the dishwasher is just him loudly expressing his rational masculine logic.


feminine memes Women, NFL, America, QB  May 2020


feminine memes Women, Turner, Brock Turner, Brock, AnimalsBeingBros text: DO You THINK THZ OWL IS A PREDAToe ? OF COURSE NOT. HE


feminine memes Women, Men, Syrian, No text: Ayishat Akanbi @Ayishat_Akanbi You say women hate men, as if we are gang raping, creating revenge porn, sexualising young male bodies, cat- calling, and shaming men for their sexual past.


feminine memes Women, Nice, People, Women, Sylvia Plath, Shireen  May 2020

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