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Deep Fried Memes Deep-fried, LGBT text: I PREFER THE TERM SWAGGOT


other memes Funny, LGBT, Netflix, Disney, Charlie, Hazbin text: The existence of a Gay character is not bad. The bad thing is when the only thing that a character adds to the story, is the fact of being Gay. ulMr L-2004


Black Twitter Memes Tweets, LGBT, LGBTQ, God, Christians, GBT text: $$$lim @_slimarella_ you eat pork, have tattoos, drink alcohol, curse, have sex before marriage, disrespect your parents, praise celebrities like they are God, use the Lord


Dank Memes Dank, GifReversingBot, Report, Issue, FVBGj, Christmas text:


feminine memes Women, Turner, Brock Turner, Brock, AnimalsBeingBros text: DO You THINK THZ OWL IS A PREDAToe ? OF COURSE NOT. HE

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