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Political Memes Political, AOC, Carlson, Tucker Carlson, Tucker, OC text: Acyn Torabi @Acyn Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC I


Political Memes Political, USPS, Trump, Republicans, GOP, Amazon  May 2020


Political Memes Political, Trump, America, Republican, American, Biden text: Kat @Kat_theActivist Can we please all agree that this experiment of having a dumb TV host and shady estate developer with no government knowledge, 5 kids from 3 marriages, 6 bankruptcies, 46 charges of sexual assault, and 3,500 lawsuits as President is not going well at all?


political-memes political text: Keith Lowell Jensen 1 min • The next time you feel poor, and can


political-memes political text: (((Josh Malthanksgiving))) @JoshMalina The President had a fake fundraiser for veterans on tv and then stole the money raised and used it for his own campaign. That

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