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Black Twitter Memes tweets, Sister Sister, Reddit, Stop, Real, People text: Tia Mowry O @TiaMowry During this pandemic, you really see who your real friends are. Who


depression memes Depression, DHD, ADD, Person, Ritalin, People text: Sasha Perigo @sashaperigo With ADHD I have exactly three types of work days: •J Get absolutely nothing done v/ Get 4 hours of work done, at a random time of day •J Get 40 hours of work done in 8 hours


depression memes Depression, God, People, Jesus Christ text: an pigeon, , @imskytrash life is basically this: 1) you get born without your consent 2) grow up 3) you realise everyone is sad, nothing matters, and nobody has any answers 4) you eat cold spaghetti over the sink and think about life 5) not bad, you think, gazing out the kitchen window at the night sky


depression memes Depression, People, NPC, Hitler, BoJack Horseman text: just-shower-thoughts You

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