Memes also tagged "British":


History Memes History, England, William, Norman, France, British text: 18 year olds today: 18 year olds in 1066:


History Memes History, British, RAF, Germans, German, Rote Armee Fraktion text: ThéNazis wonderipg how the hell the RAF is shooting d&wn Luftwaffe planes Umt..Æh!atcha got there? Radars The Royal Air Force Carrots-


History Memes History, French, Quebec, Canada, British, France text:


History Memes History, WWI, Marines, British, US Navy, They Shall Not Grow Old text: To join the army you must be at least 19 O I am 19 O c early O Chl rly un er 19 WWI @Sysfem32Comics u


History Memes History, French, German, British, France, Wait text: My uniform provides camouflage for both night and day, and allows me to store grenades and munitions My uniform provides camouflage in most terrains, and has ample pockets for equipment My uniform looks good

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