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feminine memes Women, Turner, Brock Turner, Brock, AnimalsBeingBros text: DO You THINK THZ OWL IS A PREDAToe ? OF COURSE NOT. HE


feminine memes Women, Men, Syrian, No text: Ayishat Akanbi @Ayishat_Akanbi You say women hate men, as if we are gang raping, creating revenge porn, sexualising young male bodies, cat- calling, and shaming men for their sexual past.


feminine memes Women, Nice, People, Women, Sylvia Plath, Shireen  May 2020


feminine memes Women, Biden, Trump, American, Women, Uh text: Eva The Diva @evaalom Women are told not to post photos that show too much skin because it might limit our future career options. Men who are rapists are elected to the highest office.


feminine memes Women, Metallica, Taylor Swift, Kurt Cobain, Joy Division, Iron Maiden  May 2020

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