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tweets funny text: What He Looks Like @WhatHeLooksLike Sam Darnold looks like a Lego fireman.


yang-memes climate-change text: "We can reduce emissions to O by 2050 without using nuclear power." -Nobody, There are zero climate scientists who believe this.  climate-change


Yang memes communism text: Okay so my plan is to kill all sparrows and rats so they stop eating our crops. But Chairman Mao as an expert in ecology I advise you not to do this because it will destroy the ecosystem and millions will starve! Lol I


Wholesome-Memes cute text: im a bad person who thinks bad thoughts like


Wholesome-Memes cute text: the bri ide, at least my coffee will never get old in hell. THAT mom @love_andcoffee Met a little girl today, and she was wearing a T-shirt that said "Part Unicorn." I asked her which part, and without skipping a beat, she responded with, "My soul." #goalS 3:42 PM • 9/2/19 • Twitter for iPhone  cute