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History Memes History, Toy Story, Pixar, HistoryMemes, Disney, Wxo3 text: pi*ar accidently deleting 900/0 of •TOY story 2 The animatoöwith backups on her home computer


History Memes History, KLjvfqnD0, HistoryMemes, Castrato, Castrati, DQk4 text:


History Memes History, China, Chinese, Ben, HistoryMemes, Tiananmen Square text: Taiwan iananmen Square Massacre VD6MfRECOGNISE Freedom of expression ANY OF THESE GUYS


History Memes History, Best, HistoryMemes, YMmcI, Kl4, Runeth text: When the peasant kid brings his longbow to town school Pumped Up Kicks (Medieval Style) 628K views


History Memes History, HistoryMemes, WgXcQ, Qw4, Rbhx4, An7 text: When you realise "never gonna give you up" was released in the 1980s and is therefore allowed on historymemes made with megpatic

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