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Star Wars Memes Sequel-memes, TLJ, Disney, Fandom Menace, Skywalker, Luke text: I prefer the real sequel villain I said the real villain THE FANDOM Perfection


Star Wars Memes Sequel-memes, Disney, Star Wars, Kathleen Kennedy, Abrams, TLJ text: sequel haters after discovering that Disney does not interact with the script for films and history, and only messes with attractions and toys No. Impossible!


Star Wars Memes Sequel-memes, Star Wars, George Lucas, OC, Disney, Sequels text: • YOU AGREED TO CAONSIDER US I LIED, AS I HAVE FROia,.THE


other memes Dank, Nazis, Piper Perri, Disney text: disney animator in the 70


History Memes History, Toy Story, Pixar, HistoryMemes, Disney, Wxo3 text: pi*ar accidently deleting 900/0 of •TOY story 2 The animatoöwith backups on her home computer

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