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Political memes Politics text: FINALLY FouND IT... 16 Bernie voted or the 1994 rime bill THE of  Politics


Political memes Politics text: D Hey anon, you Seem cool. Wanna come join us under khe BIG TENT? vqe


Political memes RBG text: HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON! You


Water Memes Water, Jogrefy text: Bosnia and Herzegovina: May I have some water? Croatia: Ok, but just a sip poree Opatijao o Rijeka Rovinj Pula vncona Croatia Zadar E6S Sibenik Split €661 Novi HOB" Slavonski E-70 Sabac LlJa6aL San Benedetto del Tronto :oli Piceno Pescara Bijeljinao Bosnia and Tuzla Herzegovina Zenica saraaevo Mostar Makarsk edugorje , Montenegro Dubrovni Podgoric  Water, Jogrefy


Water Memes Water, Fiji text: „WRIÇA,V SU AİT 750 r," pountaiıı SparklingWat oz)ONEu1V  Water, Fiji


feminine memes Women, Obama text: Laura Bassett @LEBassett Has everyone stopped to meditate on the fact that an 87-year-old woman on chemo has to keep working full- time, full-force, because she


feminine memes Women, Sorry text:  Women, Sorry


feminine memes Women, America text: good luck !!! we


minecraft memes Minecraft,  text: Remember this guy? This is him now. Feel old yet?  Minecraft,