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other memes Funny, KNOW, Bravo Six, Bravo text: (dure Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones Going Out rubb« Going In Going Dark  Funny, KNOW, Bravo Six, Bravo


other memes Funny,  text: Teacher: *gives us an online exam* Me and my friends: *Solve it together on Discord* Teacher: So, looks like the exam was good, only 4 failed Me and my friends: matic  Funny,


other memes Funny, Phone, Samsung, Mac, Android, TV text: When mute is too quiet but 1 is too loud  Funny, Phone, Samsung, Mac, Android, TV


other memes Dank, Santa text: BBC Three @bbcthree Fans are disappointedl the actor who plays Daenerys Targaryen isn


History Memes History,  text: .É-:iä. 5 scary traps from the Vietnam War. 14K 764  History,


History Memes History, Titanics, Crewmen text:  History, Titanics, Crewmen


History Memes History, Hitler text: r/pics Posted by u/TheResuscitologist • 5h • imgur I shaved this to get a good seal for 12 hour shifts. You can wear your mask to go in Walmart Karen  History, Hitler


History Memes History, Piglet, Berlin text: -c Piglet creeps through the ruined streets of Berlin, weighing his options. The Soviets would shoot him on sight, and the British and Americans would hang him for his many crimes. "A-Argentina", he mumbles to himself. "Argentina s- sounds p-p-pretty n-nice.  History, Piglet, Berlin


History Memes History, Wait, Sun, Earth, Vatican, Southern Hemisphere text: Always Hath been ait tis Earth i round  History, Wait, Sun, Earth, Vatican, Southern Hemisphere


History Memes History, Troy, Trojan text: suki @desukidesu Wow this huge wooden horse is great! [Review updated] Ok what the fuck 21 • 17 Jul 20 • Twitter for iPhone  History, Troy, Trojan