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cringe memes Cringe, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Shame, Mac, Burger text: Kendrik La7mar @DatHaci • 23h big hamburger FrappMocha b • What would you name this hamburger? e Show this thread


other memes Dank, Linux, Windows, Mac, Apple, PC text: Windows User Mac User Apple is shit noooooooooooo Microsoft is shit We know


cringe memes Cringe, Taylor, Stevie, Fleetwood Mac text: American Taylor Swift writes whiny songs about all her ers. Stevie Nicks made her ex play guitar while she sung songs aboutwhatan asshole he was. And the e you have it. The definng difference between Boomers and Millennials:ti$


Black Twitter Memes Tweets, Say So, Old Town Road, The Macarena, Rihanna, Remix text: nope received a reply nope @LilNasX 9h i did not make 27 remixes to the same song to be disrespected like this Rihanna Facts @Nevernyny • May 11 Rihanna


other memes Funny, Phone, Samsung, Mac, Android, TV text: When mute is too quiet but 1 is too loud

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