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Spongebob Memes Spongebob, Phone, Apple, Android, XS, Reddit text:


minecraft memes Minecraft, JGR3, HACwJ0, PhoenixSC, Dr Trayaurus text: ,3T5


History Memes History, SCP, Romans, HistoryMemes, GapxsanaI, Wolfenstein text: Historians: We found these mysterious items we called "Roman Dodecahedra" in certain parts of the Roman Empire. After long study and research we experts came to the conclusion that they are religious objects or possibly astronomical devices to calculate a precise date to sow seeds in the ground. Which is coincidentally the exactly same purpose as we determined for megalithic structures and 31 583 other things we found... Youtube Grandma: (picks one Dodecahedron up, turns it slowly in her hand, observing it) Where did you say you found those... Dodecahedra? Historians: Well, mostly in the north and near mountain ranges. It


Dank Memes Dank, Shapiro, OROYh0KXss text:

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