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Black Twitter Memes Tweets, Bluetooth, ASL, AirPods, Stephen, Mom text: asiya @ossiyuh my little brother who


other memes Funny, This Is Patrick, Bluetooth, AirPod, Gru, AirPods text: Me pulling up my phone that fell off the bed with the earphone cord


Dank Memes Dank, John, Xbox, Kennedy, FK, AirPods text: John F. Kennedy on his way to announce PS5 price


Star Wars Memes Prequel-memes, AirPods, Pods, PlayStation, Blazers, Airpods text: • 3 weeks ago 1. I cut the wires of regular apple earbuds and wore them at school 2. The school •confiscated* them 3. When I went to get them back I took somebody else

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