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Star Wars Memes Ot-memes, Luke, English, Vader, Anakin, Star Wars text: George Lucas had Luke dressed in black robes for most of Return of the Jedi, as a way of making fans think he may be coming closer to joining the dark side. During the final battle with Vader, the flap of his shirt opens to reveal a white inside, showing that Luke was always going to stav with the liqht. nickwillerup Total English teacher move 126 mentions J


Star Wars Memes Ot-memes, English, Star Wars, Earth, Hell, Luke text: Youtvenever heard of theMJleniumFalcon? I have no fuckinggea


Star Wars Memes Ot-memes, Visit, Searched Images, Search Time, Positive, Indexed Posts text: ifiiOOOOOOOOON fipues


Star Wars Memes Ot-memes, Leia, Luke, PX5WFBc, Mark, Lucas text: Who is looking at Star Wars memes instead of working?


Star Wars Memes Ot-memes, Earth, Death, Stranding, Instagram, French text: WHERE IS THE CURVE? R

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