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cringe memes Cringe, London, Alexa, Bronx text: cause of the great fire of london ALL IMAGES NEWS SHOPPING VIDEOS Great Fire of London / Cause Fire


cringe memes Cringe, London text: YES i am a communist YES i will personally murder god 4 RETWEETS 24 LIKES awoo.


Black Twitter Memes Tweets, London, Florida, Vancouver, Germany, Wisconsin text: JAVEN EMANI.W @_javenemani problem is I want a $1200 apartment for $5000 @CertifiedFool_ The real problem is that they


History Memes History, Russians, Olympics, Russia, Russian, London text: The Russian Olympic team after arriving 12 days late to the 1908 Olympics because they still used the Julian calendar.


Dank Memes Cute, London, RickandMorty, Las Vegas, Sunday, NYC text: Me while visiting a city: *prepares a list of monuments, museums and restaurants to see* My parents while visiting a city: Holy shi* t, they got an M&M

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