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depression memes Depression, Dad, YouTube, Reddit, PC, CoD text: ARE YA WINNING, SON? No dad, i


depression memes Depression, YouTube, Reddit, No, MouthWideOpen, Casually Explained text: sumersprkl Me: Alright, brain, we have two tasks to do. One of them is more time sensitive, but working on the other will be more fun. Which should I start on? My brain: Do fucking nothing for 72 hours Me: Understandable, have a nice day


depression-memes depression text: coriejohnson @corietjohnson my therapist just referred to her therapist as my grand-therapist . trying to process. 9:21 AM • 30 Oct 19 • Twitter for iPhone Likes 21K Retweets 198K


depression memes Depression, Ratatouille, Violet, Michelin, Vatel, Say Nothing text: Michelle Spies @spies_please the only character in media I have ever related to is Chef Gusteau from Ratatouille who got one negative review one time and it made him so sad he died and the biokenhearted chef dieg Pegtly afterwards,


depression-memes depression text: @TotallyNKArt Because none of us remember kaya @antherpensee • Id why the fuck does no one talk about the fact that depression and anxiety can give you major memory loss ??

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