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boomer memes Political, Trump, Suspiciously, No, Democrats text: How does a statue being in the same place for 100 years suddenly become offensive and men walking around in public with there ass showing not offensive? Are people really this ignorant?


boomer memes Political, Democrats, Candace Owens, Republicans, Owens, VBV3 text: "Why didn


boomer memes Political, Nazis, GOP, Democrats, Nazi, Hitler text: 01 (Ildius 001 asnvng .uvujowug


boomer memes Political, America, Democrats, Confederacy, CNN, Antifa text: STAND FIRM AGAINST Al-l- ODDS


boomer memes Political, Trump, Obama, Republican, Lincoln, Democrat text: I heard Trump being compared with uncoln.-wnita preposteious compii1Son!. There is actually evidence Lincoln was racist. That feel when a liberal thinks you

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