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History Memes History, CSA, USA, France, French, Confederate text:


Political Memes Political, Confederacy, Confederate, Kentucky, American, America text: The Tipsy Theologian 3 hrs •O Like Page Just a reminder that the Confederacy only existed for five years. It


Star Wars Memes Ot-memes, Star Wars, Northern Virginia, Empire, Confederate, CIS text: WAVE FLAG you REBEL SCUM


History Memes History, Confederate, Smalls, Civil Rights, PbbB2NKu5, James text: MEET ROBERT SMALLS • Born into slavery in 1839 • Steals a Confederate Military ship in 1861 • Disguises himself as the captian • Uses secret code book and hand signals to pass Confederate guard ships • Rescues more slaves and their families • Escapes to freedom • Runs for congress & wins SOMETIMES DISOBEDIENCE IS A VIRTUE AND GOOD PEOPLE BREAK BAD LAWS SOMEBODY GET THIS MAN A BIOPIC.


History Memes History, HistoryMemes, Confederate, American, America, Confederacy text:

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