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History Memes History, Lincoln, Abe, Abraham Lincoln, Twilight, The Lighthouse text:


Star Wars Memes Prequel-memes, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luke, Twilight, Rey text: Obi-Wan: "He was the best star pilot in the galaxy" Every single one of Anakin


feminine memes Women, Skyrim, Twilight, Scrotes, THE UNMITIGATED GALL, Phish text: O Celeste O @lit... • Jun 16 guy: I want a goth gf goth girl: hi guy: your music taste is weird. taxidermy is creepy af. twilight sucks Imao why do you watch bad vampire movies?? I like girls who don


Star Wars Memes Prequel-memes, Twilight, Star Wars, Solo, ROTS, Harry Potter text: r/StarWars WARS Posted by u/succ_tha_nutt_m8 A Well guys Other • Now This will be hard for me, but I gotta do it. I want to introduce my girlfriend to Star Wars, and she agreed to watch the movies with me on one condition: Everytime she watched a Star Wars movie with me, I have to watch a Twilight movie with her. This is going to cost me much dignity and willpower, but I have to do it for Star Wars G60d soldiers follow orders.


Game of thrones memes Game of thrones, Twilight, Jon, Jaime text: A worse love story than Twilight

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