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boomer memes Political, Trump, Melania, English, Spanish, Mexican text: sasoa IVNV..rÅVS NVOIiL


other memes Funny, Netflix, Mario, Picture, Mexican, Avatar text: Long ago four nations lived together in harmony...


Spongebob Memes Spongebob, Spongebob, Mexican, George Floyd, Frankenstein, Americans text: Police trying to find the source of protests wnum MANInc


Dank Memes Cute, Mexican, Cinco, Tuesday, Mexico, Mayo text: When Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday in the middle of a pandemic named after a Mexican beer [crying] IT


History Memes History, Mexico, Mexican, Texas, Canada, American text: alexpadilla @_alejandroee When slaves escaped to Mexico slave owners tried to get them back by hiring bounty hunters but Mexico fought and killed to protect them, look at this bad ass picture from the Mexican Revolutionary war T HISTORY O @HISTORY Slaveholders knew that enslaved people were escaping to Mexico, and the U.S. tried to get Mexico to sign a fugitive slave treaty. But Mexico refused to sign such a treaty, insisting that all enslaved people were free when they set foot on Mexican soil. Education Sys&em I

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