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wholesome-memes cute text: My Parents: *buys me and my friends dinner* One friend: "Hey thanks for dinner" Everyone else: co co oo


History Memes History, Capitalism, Fascism, Theocracy, Kill, Fishing text: O, r/Showerthoughts Posted by —_somewhere • 2h Give a man a fish, and he


Comics Fishing for help, Help, Fishing text: LoadingArtist.com Whoa! You can talk??!? Yes. Thank you!! Oh thank you so much!! LoadingArtist.com CAN You GET HELP??! Yes. WHAT DO You MEAN IT


Comics Ice cream time with my special friend., MaxImage, Ice-Cream-Time, Fish text: And a We bring you an ice cream... @chow hon fom selfie stick! Wow! @flyingmouSe365


History Memes History, Huey_Long, Louisiana, Huey Long, Kingfish, Kaiserreich text: K.K.K can give me votes? Yeeees. ou To help whites only? Actually ends poll taxes, and opens literacy programs for black people, like a boss

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