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cringe memes Cringe, McDonald, McDonalds, Vance, King, KFC text: Anonymous No.601464164 34 minutes ago Ask a guy who works at McDonalds anything 17 replies Anonymous No.601464417 32 minutes ago where do you work 1 reply Anonymous No.601464445 32 minutes ago McDonalds


other memes Dank, Scuse, Mcdonalds, Visit, OC, Negative text: The McDonalds employee who is also high Me high a shit gettin mcdonalds


History Memes History, McDonald, American, Americans, Quarter Pounder, McDonalds text: 1/3 pound beef burgers 1/4 pound beef burger


other memes Funny, Karen, McDonald, McDonalds, Cake Day, FAP-TO-INCEST-PORN text: Live TV A teen who spent 10 hours cleaning up after a protest is rewarded with a car and a college scholarship People who spent the last five years working at McDonald


Black Twitter Memes Tweets, McMuffin, McDonalds, McDonald  Jun 2020

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