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cringe memes Cringe, French, John Wick, Indians, Good text: A doctor and engineer loved the same girl Doctor used to give her a rose daily engmeer use to give the girl an apple Girl got confused and asked There is a meaning of giving rose.Why are you giving apple ? Because " An apple a day keeps the doctor away


cringe memes Cringe, Indian, Instagram, Indians, English  Jun 2020


other memes Dank, Tik Tok, TikTok, Indian, Indians, Youtuber text: *Bans creating mÜltiÄPé émail accounts jt/st#öceport TIKTOK Whole Worldv


other memes Funny, Indians, India, American, LPT, Khan Academy text: Professor explaining the subject cm Me trying to study on my own Indian guy on Youtube explaining the subject

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