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cringe memes Cringe, Texas, Japan, Italy, Zealand, Western Australia text: ever wondered how big texas really is? @nontelescopi me neither


other memes Dank, British, NZ, Britain, New Zealand, Brits text: NEWS New Zealand is no longer coronavirus-free after traveling Brits test positive By Associated Press


other memes Funny, New Zealand, NZ, November, Kanye, American text: memes if donald trump wins the election memes if joe biden wins the election memes if kanye somehow wins the election memes if the americans overthrow the gov how to gain new zealand citizenship Plane Ticket from LAX-AKL (Nov 2) Ides.so I


other memes Funny, Americans, American, America, New Zealand, Europeans text: My absolutely fucked sleep chedule Europeans thinking there are no Americans online


other memes Funny, Ohio, New Zealand, NZ, Gunpo, Uruguay text: I

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