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Comics Our lord, Jesus, Bloodborne, Lord, HP, God text: People .1 Please kop! iS wronø.q We case him! Ana Äeep For his healin5 pi SS U po+;ons ! O, child... some be


other memes Funny, Practice, Ling, UKEwjsyOXoibHpAhUPXqwKHeNcA5AQMygdegQIARAs, This Is Patrick, Pathetic text: My Asian mom: You have to practise 9 hours a day to be able to play the piano very well. 9-year-old me: But... Mom: NO BUTS *1 0 years later* Me: I finished preparing my applications for college. I


other memes Funny, Anthpo, Asmongold, ACKSEPTICEYE text: HYPOTHETICALLY, if I needed a bald head for a video, what should I do? Use a bald cap Go all out 144K votes Dye your hair green and use it as a green screen 836 27 VIEW 27 REPLIES 33%


Comics Just a bit more (from drewtoothpaste),  text: Just a bit more and I


Star Wars Memes Prequel-memes, Cannon, Star Wars, Jedi, Xkc5OSUyog, UKEwjmgZPKkvHpAhWHxjgGHfO8Cc8 text: When you can

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