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boomer memes Political, Trump, COVID, Americans, Usa, Spain text: Trump 2020 2 hrs • Hmmmm... Is there a democrat running around infecting everyone? NEW COVID CASES REPORTED: ITALY: 190 FRANCE: 81


Star Wars Memes Ot-memes, Spain text: Moms when they say "gracias" to the japanese waiter on o e m Ll


Dank Memes Dank, Shrek, Spain, Latino, Spanish, Boots text: Why Shrek is one of the most diverse movie series of all time BODY POSITIVE 01SON TRANS COMMENATRY 0N PRIVLEGE INTERACIAL MARRAIGE MILFS


History Memes History, England, Spain, II, Hapsburgs, Egypt text:


History Memes History, Habsburg, Spain, Shelley, Habsburgs, Global Times text: The Habsburgs: "We need too keep our bloodline pure" 3 Generations later:

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