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other memes Funny, Fisher Price, Visible, Thailand text: My 5 page My 5 page paper when I S paper when I finish it at 3 am read it at 8 am


History Memes History, Europe, Japan, European, Thailand, Ethiopia text: When someone asks why history is so eurocentric: Countries that have been under European control Colorized or controlled by Europc Partial European control or influcncc Europcan sphcrc of influence Europc Ncvcr colonized by Europc


other memes Funny, ALL HAIL THE PUSSY, Europeans, COVID text: Culture New Study Confirms Cats Can


Black Twitter Memes Tweets, Washington, Hail, Redskins, RAH, Native American  Jul 2020


Wholesome Memes Wholesome memes, LL HAIL QUOKKAS text:

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