Anyone else feeling like you dont want to die , but you just dont want to exist anymore



depression-memes depression text: I want to live. I want to die. It's not that I want to die. If anything, I want to live. I'm just really tired of being 'me', someone who can't achieve anything Of worth, a privileged individual who could have done so much more with what I had but instead fell into a spiral of self-loathing and inepititude. I say I want to die so much that it may just as well be my mantra, but I know for a factthat it's just shorthand for wanting to be special, to be needed, to be important. to be wanted. Falling short of these expectations of mine as well as the expectations Of Others, and feeling unimportant and alone at my age may as well be a corporal sin punishable by death. I probably don't deserve this life. So I o on sayin I want to die.

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