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History Memes History, CSA, USA, France, French, Confederate text:


other memes Funny, France, Clermont-Ferrand, Clermont Ferrand, Notre Dame, Dora text: Hero: Its gonna take a long time to find the villains lair The villains lair:


History Memes History, Paris, Treaty, France, Vietnam, Treaties text: WE DID IT. WE TIME TRAVELED! øuT TO WHAT YEAR? WHAT


History Memes History, England, William, Norman, France, British text: 18 year olds today: 18 year olds in 1066:


History Memes History, Jews, Switzerland, Germany, Swiss, France text: Amateur historian online: "How could Switzerland stay neutral against NAZIS?! They just stood by and watched a genocide happen! Me, looking for a single country that entered WW2 because they wanted to rescue Jews, G sies and a eo le. o

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