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cringe memes Cringe, Israel, Palestine, Obama, Spongebob, SpongeBob text: Nickelodeon a nick March 20, 2013 Look who


boomer memes Cringe, Jesus, USA, Law, Israel text: ・ 当 。 92 N 一 》 2 ト N04


History Memes History, Israel, Arab, American, USA, Jerusalem text: Thé Arab World "It


History Memes History, Argentina, Jewish, Nazis, Israel, Nazi text: Lots of countries turned away refugees fleeing Nazi Germany, but not me! I took them in and accepted them. Who, Jews? What kind of refugees from Nazi Germany? ANSWER ME, Argentina


History Memes History, Jews, Israel, Jewish, Jew, Jesus text: WOW! HOW DID GET 11kE Jews ...1 DO ONE PUSH-UP. Jews EVERY Blamed for somethin Jews CHRIST.

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