Memes also tagged "Shen":


Comics I cant believe i pulled you!!, Raigeki, Ugin, Shen, QEPvrfbPo, WE GOT IT text: PERSPECTIVE: AN EXTRE(OELY RARE CARD IN R PACK SHEN comrx


Comics Thats him officer., Shen, Jack text: WOW


Comics Relating to girls., UwU, Shen, Sailor Moon text: do u like sailor moon TRY RELATING TO GIRLS. TALK TO THE(TI ABOUT


History Memes History, Emperor Shen Nung text: peniswakt china, 2500 years ago: guy 1: hey what should we put in this boiling water guy 2, an absolute fucking genius: uh................. leaves. e heartgf fuzzychocolatelady did he ever come back and answer the question :( Source: peniswakt


Comics The battle of gods(from hokky), Shen, Grafo, Reddit, JoJo, Chloe text: OH? 700

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