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Water Memes Water, NSFW, Kroger, STOP, RepliesNice, REPLYING text:


water-memes water text: when you put your whole family onto water: @notorious.dr.d


Water Memes Water, Room, LMABF8, Flint text: If you ever got water from this and that bitch started vibrating and shaking, you know that water about to be cold asf


Water Memes Water, Flint, Michigan, Detroit, Obama, As text: o Mari Copeny @LittleMissFIint -w ltls been six years. Nobody has been charged for the Flint Water Crisis Will we ever see any justice? #FIintWaterCrisis FLINT Ml HAS BEEN WITHOUT CLEAN WATER SINCE APRIL 24 2014 MT been 5; nce 2±2019


Water Memes Water, Asheville, CAB, Police, Nestl, NSFW text:

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