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boomer memes Political, AOC, Trump, OC, Saint Ronnie, No text: •AOQ Never had a child Never been married , ran a business bought a home Never managed people —z...ÄNever had a professional job Never served on a local Committee No real life experience....BUT at 28 she wants to tell us what the government needs to do with our economy! @DonnaJohnson


boomer memes Political, Muslim, AOC, Married, Jesus, Christian text: Lives with "partner" Single mother of lesbian daughter Ma ieda single father Officiated a "gay wedding" Muslim with hi•ab LESBIAN PhotgMartin Schoeller, VaniO


Political Memes Political, AOC, Tucker, Trump, Carlson, OC text: Acyn Torabi @Acyn Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC I


Political Memes Political, AOC, Carlson, Tucker Carlson, Tucker, OC text: Acyn Torabi @Acyn Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC I

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