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depression memes Depression, Ratatouille, Violet, Michelin, Vatel, Say Nothing text: Michelle Spies @spies_please the only character in media I have ever related to is Chef Gusteau from Ratatouille who got one negative review one time and it made him so sad he died and the biokenhearted chef dieg Pegtly afterwards,


boomer memes Political, Dan, Taylor, Letterkenny, America, Trevor Wilson text: HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED THE POLICE LEAVE YOU ALONE IF you AREN


boomer memes Political, Let, Bill Gates, Gates, Antivirus, Win1 text: tm INFECT LCOMRUTERS.WITH VIRUSANDTHENSEU ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE- 2019- tm INFECT PEOPLE WITH THEN SELL VACCINE.- 5 Comments


Comics The flesh, brother, WOO, Dota, Valve, Skeleton King text: AAA A ,94//, WE


boomer memes Political, Black Lives Matter, Johnny, Fuck, Let, Grow text: How abotlt all lives matter. Nåb.black lives, not whitelives. Get over yourself no,pnels life is more important than the next. Put your Face card away andsgrgw up.

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