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political-memes political text: Keith Lowell Jensen 1 min • The next time you feel poor, and can


Comics The economy is booming (if youre into deeply upsetting things in dark corners of the internet). (from itskonnerwithak), BOOMING text: 2015: Congratulations! Where do you think you


yang-memes economy text: Andrew Yang e @AndrewYang • 21m 4% in Colorado Political Polls @Politics_Polls • 4h 2020 Colorado Democratic Primary: Sanders 26% Biden Warren 20% Harris 13%... 0 80 Q 144 01,129 Andrew Yang e @AndrewYang Must be the weed 02 t-013 0142 . 47s


Wholesome Memes Wholesome memes, MemeEconomy text: A happier, healthier mind "bark m health tunes Making an effort to be better & working hard at it


yang-memes economy text: Trickle down economics How we

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