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black-twitter-memes tweets-kobe-hufflepuff-corona text: Marcus @STOPFLEXIN My manager went on a 8 week sabbatical on Jan 25th and him and his wife rented a cabin in the North Carolina woods and didn


Black Twitter Memes tweets, EMT, UBI, Essential, USA, PTO  May 2020


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black-twitter-memes tweets text: Kristen Clarke 866-OUR-VOTE e @KristenClarkeJD Kaepernick peacefully protests police shootings of unarmed African Americans and Trump says "get that son of a b--ch off the field Gun strapped protesters defy stay-at-home-orders, endangering the lives of frontline workers and there is silence This is the hypocrisy of America. 3


cringe memes Cringe, Reddit, Communism, USSR, Communist, China text: Von Sceneable angepinnt • vor 1 Monat Update: I

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