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other memes Dank, Nazis, Piper Perri, Disney text: disney animator in the 70


other memes Funny, Karen, McDonald, Robin, Reddit, New York text: Did you know that if a restaurant messes up your order????? You can simply say "oh! Actually, I had instead of screaming at the 16 year old employee, and they will still fix it for you??? 1 Award Or you can be crippled by the fear of inconveniencing literally anyone, smile, and eat the wrong order just so nothing is awkward and nobody is put out even though pecans make it feel like there are ants crawling all over your tongue. Or like. Something. Like that. Probably O Same


other memes Funny, Batman, Gotham, Robin, Daredevil text: Killing criminals Beating criminals to the point they wish they were dead


Dank Memes Dank, Batman, Robin, Ohio River, Mississippi, Lake Erie text:


feminine memes Women, Robin, Barney, Natural, Women, Vo text: 2• Follow aReally_Silent Kylie Jenner looks so much better without makeup to me idk why. 1m prob just weird Fonow Nikki looks better without makeup, we can see her natural beauty. dark skin king c;tsluttyblackboy .DFOX DI Follow The fact that she probably isn

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