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Dank Memes Hold up, HolUp, Wheel, Spin, TNkvvD, Arabs text: I found out on Fiverr.com you can buy 1000 likes for $5. The only thing is that the likes come from the Middle East and they have Arabic names. So when I saw that my friend tweeted "Excited for my flight to New York City!" I immediately spent the best $5 of my life. 1


History Memes History, Dresden, Spinosaurus, Munich, Jurassic, Rex text: Dld you bomb berlin? b/hat did it cost? The Alties Yes The only complete spinosaurus shele on


Dank Memes Hold up, Wheel, Spin, HolUp, Thanks, TNkvvD text: The perfect police officer doesn


Dank Memes Hold up, Elementary, Wheel, Spin, HolUp, Brandon text: r/AskReddit Posted by O NSFW 22h (NSFW) Sex-Ed teachers of reddit, what is the most awkward/cringeworthy question you


Dank Memes Hold up, HolUp, Wheel, Spin, TNkvvD, Thanks text: DRUCz You SHouzD R€5T FOR ANOTHER

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