• Over 80 characters
    • Over 60 real-life players
  • Powerups
  • Online multiplayer
  • Strong and growing community
  • Unique gameplay with four intertwining positions all using different balls
  • Humor!
  • Satire!


Courtyard Broomball is a retro parody of the beloved Backyard Sports series from the late 90's. The sport played in the game is quidditch, a real-life sport inspired by the sport played in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, with a community of thousands of members worldwide. The player can hand pick their team from a growing cast of quirky, fictional characters, or real-life players from over 15 different countries, set up their own custom strategy, and crush the competition- either against an exceptionally skilled A. I. or against another player online.

Fact sheet:

  • Developer: Newfa Games
  • Low System requirements
    • Like my 2012 desktop can run it that's how low they are
  • Available for PC
  • Available on Steam and G2A
  • Strong and growing community
  • Release date: 06/01/2018


(Hector Dust from the Madrid Lynx)


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Courtyard Broomball is a parody game of the Backyard Sports series based on the real-life sport of Quidditch. This is a parody, in no way affiliated or licensed by Day6 Sports Group, J.K. Rowling, or Warner Bros.