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wholesome-memes cute text: My oldepbrother walkikghe to om could slee in 6 y ars ol@e


History Memes History, Toy Story, Pixar, HistoryMemes, Disney, Wxo3 text: pi*ar accidently deleting 900/0 of •TOY story 2 The animatoöwith backups on her home computer


History Memes History, Pixar, Toy Story, Story, Disney text: Pixar: *Accidentally deleting 90% of Toy Story 2* That one animator with backups on her home computer:


Comics Toy story: play date, Toy Story, Play Date text: Hey, Mom! Jessica and I are gonna be upstairs "studying!" Ok, Andy! 51A Now let me see that woody! Oh, hell yea! I thought they 5] You wanna play with my toys? Oh, you know I do cowboy.. Oh yeah! This is the best woody I


other memes Funny, Toy Story, Tik Tok, Rocket League, PUBG text: When you

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