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black-twitter-memes tweets-kobe-hufflepuff-corona text: Marcus @STOPFLEXIN My manager went on a 8 week sabbatical on Jan 25th and him and his wife rented a cabin in the North Carolina woods and didn


wholesome-memes cute text:  Wholesome, Genie, Comic, Wish, Happy


wholesome-memes cute text: My Parents: *buys me and my friends dinner* One friend: "Hey thanks for dinner" Everyone else: co co oo


wholesome-memes cute text: My oldepbrother walkikghe to om could slee in 6 y ars ol@e  Wholesome, Cute, Family, Forky, Toy Story, Woody


Black Twitter Memes tweets, Tropic Thunder, RDJ, Stiller, Ben Stiller, Simple Jack text: Phontee @phontigallo • 4h Because Tropic Thunder was fucking hilarious and the joke wasn


black-twitter-memes tweets text: Anthony Moore @AllThatandMoore People worried about 5G towers but don


black-twitter-memes tweets text: @SpikeReeds 13h Spike Lo Ren Y


Black Twitter Memes tweets text: KelviN 12 @KingKembv Dominos be like 2 for $5.99. Your total is now $26.59. How bro  Tweet, Complaining, Opinion, Pizza, Dominos, Money


Black Twitter Memes tweets, Covid, COVID, New York, CNN, Trump text: CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk BREA" NG Covid-19 appears to be causing sudden strokes in young adults, doctors say Southern Scholar-Blerd @ADBoyntonll The fact that we


Black Twitter Memes tweets, Sister Sister, Reddit, Stop, Real, People text: Tia Mowry O @TiaMowry During this pandemic, you really see who your real friends are. Who