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Political Memes Political, Trump, God, Christian, Jesus, Christians text: Bishop Talbert Swan O @TalbertSwan Calling a Black POT US married 25 yrs to 1 wife with 2 children, no mistresses, affairs or scandals,


Political Memes Political, Germany, USA, Trump, German, TV text: Mohamad Safa O —S @mhdksafa If you


Political Memes Political, Trump, Biden, Remember, Russian, United States text: UNSUBSCRIBEDMEDIA.COM Sanders Fails To Sexually Harass Enough Women To Win Race


Political Memes Political, Trump, Biden, November, Hillary, Obama  May 2020


Political Memes Political, Trump, GOP, Republican, Republicans, Obama text: Alex Cole @acnewsitics How sad it must be to be a Trump supporter Believing that scientists, scholars, teachers, economists, & journalists have devoted their entire lives to deceiving you, while a reality TV star with decades of fraud and documented lying is your only beacon of truth & honesty

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